The Importance of the Design to succeed in International Trading

Interview to MMRO Design in Encín Golf Madrid

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The design is the integral element of the product that we used to forget although it is so necessary for its sale.

The design joins the product with the emotion of the buyer or the user, and I remind everyone that Emotion moves the world as neuroscience is indicating nowadays.

I have recently read in Small Business Trends a review that the success of Trump has been due mainly to 3 key factors:

  • His simple, plain and close language.
  • His authenticity.
  • The trust he generates.

These three concepts can be extrapolated from Political success to Sales success. The reason for this is the coherence. The same occurs with the Product Design, which should be consistent with the users, the materials, and so on, only then this can be widely accepted just because it gives confidence to the buyer and creates a connection with the user.

The design is related to make people enjoy feeling emotions though the creation of positive experiences, and being seduced as an Italian knows how to do, making an art from it. The Fashion Square in Milano is one of the more visible examples where attraction power by Design exists. Another example is Steve Jobs and his visionary capacity to imagine new ways to correlate men and products, generating new ways of disrupted use.

In design, it is important to create dreams, but still more critical is to cover needs, this is why the design in every society tries to fulfill with specific request in connection with life style, habits and likes of the people who live there. This is why, the designer needs to be focused on which market is the target.

To talk more about design, I had the pleasure to interview Óscar Martínez Miramón during 10th August 2017 in Encin Golf Madrid. Óscar is a young entrepreneur, founder of MMRO Design, who has been awarded with different prizes, such as the End of Bachelor Special Mention in the Design School in Madrid, presenting a new concept of a Ham cutter, similar to the surgery supports. He has been also awarded internationally with Honorary Mention for the Best Product Innovation by Viko Elektrik in Turkey or selected for programs such as the Turning Point Challenge sponsored by USA Embassy in Spain to promote young talent.


Cristina Peña Andrés: Óscar, what is Design for you?

Óscar Martínez Miramón: In my opinion, the design is to conceptualize an idea, at the same time that a relationship between user and product is created. This is achieved by offering a concrete and defined use experience. In addition, of course, this happens while the information that may affect to all company areas is integrated in a whole project. As more information is received from all departments, more appropriate the design will be, not only in cost, but also in style, determined segment focus orientation, sustainability, etc.
Design must have the Holistic approach.

 CPA: How do you trace the relationship that you mention, between user and product?

OMM: I would do it through one Sketch, or by a consumer journey, because they clearly define the experience that the user is describing when he or she is close to the product and to its consumption. There are many techniques and strategies to achieve this, it depends on the project and the user itself.

 CPA: What is the difference between design and engineering?

OMM: The design has to see with the emotion. The engineering is the technical solution that allows fulfilling with the effectiveness come up with the design. Designers need to be focused on the relation with humans, using technology to improve the quality of human lives

 CPA: Which phases would you consider in a design process?

OMM: I like saying that design consists of 4 phases moving in a cycle: Investigation, thinking out or Conceptualization, Prototype and review or Validation. After these 4 phases, we would start again with investigation.

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CPA: What do you think that Spain is missing?

OMM: Principally, to develop a design culture and the identity that design gives to a country.

The use of Visual Thinking is a good manner to start in this Development, as this is a tool that makes being close to the idea. We need to connect the industry with Design as nowadays it is a missing part or we have a misconception of it

It is also important, to design as for the reality of the moment and place, for example, adjusting the design to the production means. Let´s think in BauHaus during the Second World War. They were able to design furniture using what they have available at that moment: an armament industry with a low cost mass production capacity. So they decide to use elements that were purely industrial such as steel tube, tape in leather, etc. and that was the beginning of such unique style that put this mark in the leadership 60 years ago, and continue being popular and actual nowadays.

 CPA: What do you prescribe for the future?

OMM: The design teams are going to be more international and more multidisciplinary from now on. This is going to originate the need of communicative skills to lead those groups with such different profiles. Design becomes a key factor to generate value and create difference among competitors.

 CPA: Please, recommend me a book about Design.

OMM: Designpedia written by Juan Gasca and Rafael Zaragoza.

 CPA: I am reading Buyology by Martin Lindstrom. Do you know it?

OMM: I have it in my list. The neuro-science is the way to obtain valuable data about how emotion affects to consumers.

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Interviewing Óscar Martínez Miramón, founder of MMRO Design