-BNEW. Economic week in Barcelona (Oct 2020).

New times. New formats for Business Venues.


On October 7th I was invited to participate in the BNEW TV show as moderator of the panel «The Future of Logistics: Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Collaborative Logistics».


The topic involving new technologies and new business models was more than «sexy» and «trendy» nowadays.

I was delighted with BNEW’s proposal to launch a global venue for professionals in three continents, in a bilingual format with simultaneous translation of Spanish and English into their languages.

I received for this forum to three experts in Logistics, coming from Jordan, Netherlands and Spain, so the language I decided to use was English.

We talked about how important it was to generate sustainable logistics to create value for a future, digital so as not to lose market opportunities and take advantage of what new technologies offer us and collaborative to work contributing to the supply chain with win-win strategies, seamless communication and mutual support

I counted on television with Josep Manel Ventosa, Corporate Executive Director – COO at Servihabitat and in remote with Zoo Harries, Managing Director in Impact Zones and Jamil Mujahed, Consultant and Former Minister of Transport of Jordan.


BNEW 4-5

We spoke about these three adjectives per blocks (sustainable, digital and collaborative), serving us as drivers .

Initially we discussed what is an economic, ecological and sustainable development of transport and logistics in this global economy, how important decarbonization is and how critical measuring the carbon footprint is. We talk about the importance of being efficient, and of developing good practices, not forgetting the impact we generate with our activities.

In a second block we talk about disruptive technologies that help us digitize transportation and how Big Data is creating new business opportunities and new models. We were talking about AI and business intelligence, blockchain and the transparency it offers, drons storage, IoT, digitization and connectivity.

Finally, we were talking about the sharing economy and the last mile. There was a talk about having collaborators rather than competitors, multidisciplinary teamwork, resource utilization, resilience and flexibility.

Then I took the opportunity to ask specific questions to each guest, and it was great to talk about extrapolating sustainability to any sector with Josep Manel, the economic zones with Zoo and what factors inhibit international transport collaboration with Jamil


It was a day that I really enjoyed and I was delighted to receive feedback from the show’s audience with messages of affection indicating that they found it a very interesting, entertaining and inspiring show.


For me, it was a great experience and I think that this kind of events will be succesful in coming years, as a great content is provided with in an attractive, entertaining way. These are new times and we have to look forward. If we can not hold a face-to-face exhibition like SIL used to be, an economic week like this BNEW, broadcasting live on five channels, with audiences of more than 10k professionals, is a success…


By the way… as a secret I will tell you that I loved feeling on TV, makeup and pampered.  Now that the covid has taken away somehow a little of my joy, I get passionated with these little pleasures.