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I have had the opportunity to train again in “Operations in International Trading” out of Spain. This time in Romania on 6th October.

Romania is a strategic location into the European Union due to the borders with Ukraine and Moldova, countries that give a clear access to the huge Russian market.

Industrial areas such as those in Transylvania have been attracting investment from several multinational during the last years. The decision to set up facilities in these locations come from different targets: one is to improve the competitiveness and another is to design effective access channels to different markets.

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I thank all the students in last training, who were from different nationalities (Romanian,  Moldavian, Ukrainian, etc), for their enthusiasm, their interest and their active contributions.

The training was totally in English, and 25 professional from different areas of the company (raw materials, export / import, logistics, finances, etc) were participating. That was a clear example on how important the Operations in Internacional Trading were considered by all people involved in the whole International Supply Chain.

This course was showing my technical Books out of Spain Borders, specially “S&OP in 14 steps”, already in English since November 2017, but also “Manual de Transporte para el Comercio Internacional” (manual of transport for international trading) which, in my opinion, is a basic book highly recommended for those who are starting with International Trading, but  also a good compilation for those already experts in the area to refresh their knowledges and to organise them.

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Next Stop: China

Glad to continue sharing knowledge with other many professionals, going forward creating an international community that works collaboratively, gathered from all the activities I am developing. You are all invited to them, I wait for you!