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October 2018

New International Training: Operations in International Trading in Romania

Formación Rumanía 1 750px

I have had the opportunity to train again in “Operations in International Trading” out of Spain. This time in Romania on 6th October.

Romania is a strategic location into the European Union due to the borders with Ukraine and Moldova, countries that give a clear access to the huge Russian market.

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September 2018

New Project on International Training: Operations in International Trading in Morocco

Formación Marruecos 01

It was a pleasure to train about “Operations in International Trading” on 22nd September in Morocco.

Morocco, and specially its Atlantic free zone, have become an attractive location for many multinational´s investments, who have built several manufacturing plants during last years, mainly in automotive industry.

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December 2017

Artificial Vision – Concept. Technology. Applications. Benefits.

You can read the complete article that I wrote about this subject, in collaboration with Javier Martínez, CEO in Odyssey Robotics.

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October 2017

Artificial Intelligence – International trading and robots

Interview to Javier Martínez (CEO in Odyssey Robotics)

Entrevista a Javier Fernández 1

The human has always been an animal tied to technology and, precisely because of this, the appearance of the new technologies is opening a new definition of human being.

The commerce and international logistics, which are so tied to man and his technology, have suffered a great advance in the past years in fields so different like telematic managment of documentation and communication between different parts of the supply chain, or the new control and navigation systems of the different means of transport. However, there is still much path to walk for the electric vehicles and the autonomous vehicles, the distribution by drone or factory ships travelling around the world or installed at free zones.

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September 2017

The importance of Design to succeed in International Trading

Interview to Óscar Martínez Miramón (Founder in MMRO Design)

Entrevista MMRO Design

The design is the integral element of the product that we used to forget although it is so necessary for its sale.

The design joins the product with the emotion of the buyer or the user, and I remind everyone that Emotion moves the world as neuroscience is indicating nowadays.

I have recently read in Small Business Trends a review that the success of Trump has been due mainly to 3 key factors:

  • His simple, plain and close language.
  • His authenticity.
  • The trust he generates.

These three concepts can be extrapolated from Political success to Sales success. The reason for this is the coherence. The same occurs with the Product Design, which should be consistent with the users, the materials, and so on, only then this can be widely accepted just because it gives confidence to the buyer and creates a connection with the user.

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February 2017

VGM Implementation: six months later

The interview they made me in, published in their blog in the USA

An eventful six months have passed since the International Maritime Organization (IMO) amended the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention requiring containers to provide verified information on its gross mass. In today’s post, we take an in-depth look at how the ocean freight industry has coped with the Verified Gross Mass or VGM implementation.

We interview Cristina Peña Andrés, an expert in logistics, foreign trade, and international transport. Cristina is also a professor at the ICIL (Logistics and Supply Chain) Foundation in Barcelona. She has published several books on international trade, including Guía de negociación para el comercio internacional (Guide to International Trade Negotiation). In this post, Cristina discusses the effectiveness of the VGM implementation, six months on.

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