-International Spare Parts Summit by Copperberg in Coventry (APR. 2020)


Copperberg Coventry 3 v2

Thank you  to Thomas Igou and the rest of  his team for inviting me again as speaker in their last  Copperberg´s event  on last 8th April to talk about Spare Parts change management, on behalf of Alimak Service.

This time the venue was the International Spare Parts Summit that was planned to be in Coventry, Uk. However, the crisis of covid-19 made Coppperberg to reconsider all the organization and Thomas launched me the challenge to present my speech virtually.

It was an interesting experience because even if I was not having the audience in front of me, the conversation with Thomas, the questions coming from the chat and the general feeling shared in the world about this complex situation, all made me feel close to those behind the screens.

Copperberg Coventry 2 recorte


I could share how we convert our work force in a great team by the communicatin system, sharing same vision, mission , values and spare parts strategy with each team member, so we are all aligned. In addition, I could share how  the most relevant spare parts initiatives are launched as projects.

No doubt that online events are going to happen more frequently from now on

and it has been a pleasure to contribute to change this paragdigma, trying to give one step forward in the way professional colleagues in the sector give value each other.