New Project on International Training

Formación Marruecos 01

It was a pleasure to train about “Operations in International Trading” on 22nd September in Morocco.

Morocco, and specially its Atlantic Free Zone, has become an attractive location for many multinational´s investments, who have built several manufacturing plants during last years, mainly in automotive industry.

There is a free zone – duty free – in Kenitra industrial area, very close to Rabat, where the international activity has grown very fast in the last 5 years, in the same way the active population has done. In fact, Kenitra Port is expected to be developed in next years, and could become a logistic center, referent in Morocco.

It has been a good opportunity for me to address to a wider global audience, now teaching also business subjects out of Spain, in addition to the courses and conferences also in Business Schools, Congress and Universities in Spain. To start my international Trading Project specifically in Morocco has been great as there are many professionals there, really eager to know more about Transport for International Trading, Global Supply Chain, International and Customs Documentation Management.

Formación Marruecos 02

The experience was absolutely positive, as those professional’s attitude was excellent and they had a global mentality, a big potential, and many Business opportunities in their hands.

I thank all students in the course for their charm reception, the course management, their interest and high grade of participation, with nice contributions. All course was in English, although we were talking French in backstage, language that I love.

This course is the beginning of a new training plan so that my Books can be known in all the globe. I started with the book “Sales and Operations Planning Process (S&OP) in 14 Steps» published in Spanish and English versions on 2017, and this time is the book “Manual of Transport for International Trading” who is visiting other countries, starting in Morocco.

Formación Marruecos 03

Next stop: Eastern Europe soon!.

I would like that all knowledge shown in my International Trading and Supply Chain Books may travel far, arriving to big professional colleagues, and becoming the seed of a generous mentoring: compiling Good practices & selecting some of the lessons I have being learning in my professional life during many years.

I do believe that knowledge is just maximized when it arrives to others. This is my ambition now: To move my knowledge, to multiply it exponentially when widely and internationally expanded, to promote a new generation of colleagues in the world, that represents a global collaborative community.